We Have a Van!

Now I can officially say I know what it feels like for an actor once they receive their Academy award LOL.

First we would like to thank GOD for allowing this to happen. Without him this
   would not have been possible. We would like to give personal shout outs for
   certain individuals who went above and beyond what anyone could ask for...
Personal friend Eric Runci ~ you are such a blessing to us and we consider you
   a part of our family and will cherish our relationship forever, you give unselfishly
   and respect nothing in return.
Personal friend Andrew Kloster ~ thank you for everything you are and what
   you do. God will reward you greatly!
Ty's teacher Libby Campos ~you know you have won all of our hearts with your
    selfless love . Thank you for everything ♥.
Thank you to Dr Jack Sherrer along with the board members of his foundation    PedalingForKids.org. Everyone please help support their wonderful organization.
   They contributed 50% to our cause without hesitation.
Thank you to a new BFF Chana Mott , I am so blessed that our paths have crossed.
    I look forward to watching our friendship bloom.
We want to also thank a countless number of friends, family members and
   complete strangers for contributing and sharing our story. Now it is time to
   pay it forward ♥ - See more at:  www.youcaring.com.


Transportation Fundraiser for TY - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED !!
Posted 12/21/13

A fundraiser has been setup to help Ty and his family with the purchase of a much-needed handicap conversion van.

To make a donation for the van, follow this link to his page at www.YouCaring.com.

From Ty:

Hi, my name is Ty Kingery and I am 17 years old. When I was 10, I was diagnosed with having Juvenile Huntington's Disease (JHD). JHD is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder that causes muscle weakness, dystonia and stiffness. I was a "normal" child who loved playing soccer, riding my bike, playing with my little brother and eating pizza. Now, I am 17 and can no longer walk, talk, eat by mouth nor do anything independently. I still love going to school (for socialization only) , watching my little brother play soccer and just being around people. Since I can no longer walk , my parents have to carry me to and from our vehicle to transport me. I am 5 ft tall and only 90 lbs but my mom is not much bigger ( 5ft /130lbs). Due to JHD my body posture does not conform very well to regular car seats and even a 5 minute car ride to school is very painful for me.

If you wish to make a donation to Ty's Medical Treatment Fund, please
contact Ty's parents Scott and Amy Kyser at the following email address.


Amy Miller Kyser Reselling for a Cause

A few years ago, I left my xray tech job at a local hospital and decided to resell new
and gently loved items to stay at home and care for my son who was diagnosed
with a terminal disease. Your purchases help support my cause in doing so.
I appreciate your support with the purchases you make.

Amy Miller Kyser Reselling for a Cause View my facebook page Amy Miller Kyser Reselling for a Cause.

Me and my cat "Peppy Le Paw"

Ty's family would like to offer heartfelt thanks to all who have helped them in
some special way by their kinds words, acts of kindness, endless prayers and
much-needed financial support.

"We appreciate so much the countless friends and family members who have
been so supportive of us during this journey."


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