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January 2007 - Monster Truck Show

Ty and Robert - Monster Truck Show Monster Truck Show

Ty and little brother Robert attended the Monster Truck Show at the Columbus
Civic Center with their parents.

February 2007 - A Day with the Cottonmouths

Ty with Columbus Cottonmouths Ty with Columbus Cottonmouths
Ty with Columbus Cottonmouths Ty with Columbus Cottonmouths

Ty and his family were treated by Cottonmouth's player Steve Howard (#14)
to complimentary tickets to the Columbus Cottonmouth's game on Friday,
February 2, 2007. The following Tuesday Ty was invited to a Cottonmouth's
practice where he got to hang out with the team, visit the locker room, and
get out on the ice with the team. He received a personalized hockey stick
autographed by each member of the team.

February 2007 - Ty's Baptism

Ty's Baptism

Scott, Amy and brother Robert stood with Ty as he was baptized recently at
First Presbyterian Church by Pastor Chuck.

February 2007 - Pancake Breakfast at Applebees

Applebee's Pancake Breakfast Applesbee's Pancake Breakfast

Ty's pancake breakfast on February 17th, at Applebees went better than
anyone could have imagined. The outpouring of support from the community
was incredible. At one point, there was a line with almost 35 people outside
waiting to get in. $7,000 was raised (that is alot of pancakes!), but more
importantly Ty and his family received emotional support from all walks
of life!

Scott, Amy, Ty and Robert would like to thank everyone who attended
and made donations. A special thanks to all who volunteered their time that

Ty with Ed Bostic of Sunny 100
Ty at pancake breakfast with Ed Bostic of Sunny 100

handmade truck
Truck handmade by friend of the family, Butch Hartman, that was auctioned
at the pancake breakfast.

February 2007 - Surprise Dinner with Columbus Cottonmouths

Ty with Columbus Cottonmouths

Ty was completely surprised with a surprise dinner with the Columbus Cottonmouths Hockey Team at Stevi B's Pizza on February 26, 2007. Ty was so touched that he was moved with sobbing tears of joy. What a great group of guys! Kudos to the team and also special thanks to team mom, Debbie, for making it happen!

March 2007 - Fundraiser at Stevi B's Pizza with Columbus Cottonmouths

We had a great turnout for the Stevi B's fundraiser with the Columbus Cottonmouths
on March 14, 2007. Picture (left) is Ty with Coach Boom Boom and the entire team. Pictured (right) is Ty with his favorite player Andrew Dwyer, #55. We would like to
thank Weezie, the owner of Stevi B's, Matt, who was manager the day of the event,
the entire Stevi B's crew, and the Columbus Cottonmouths for hosting this event. Thanks so much!

March 2007 - Ty with Special Friend

Pictured is Ty with Jennye, a very special friend.

March 2007 - Ty Rides the Zamboni

Ty got to ride the zamboni at game number one of the Cottonmouths playoffs on Thursday, March 29, 2007

April 2007 - Ty & Robert Go to Disney on Ice

Ty and his family recently attended Disney on Ice at the Columbus Civic Center
courtesy of The Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation of Atlanta.

April 2007 - Fun at the Renaissance Festival

Ty and Robert have fun at the Renaissance Festival.

April 2007 - Guest of honor at Ranger Demonstration

Ty was guest of honor at a Ranger demonstration recently held at Fort Benning.
He was presented a Ranger coin for his courage that he shows every day.

May 6, 2007 - Ty's Birthday Party at Monkey Joes

Ty celebrated his 11th birthday with his family and friends on Sunday, May 6,
at Monkey Joe's in Columbus. Special thanks to the entire Monkey Joe's staff for
making Ty's 11th birthday "one to remember."

May 2007 - Ty's Wish Granted by the "Make-a-Wish" Foundation

The "Make-a-Wish" Foundation granted Ty his wish to go on a Disney Cruise with
his family.  It was presented to him on his birthday, May 8. Thanks so much to this wonderful organization that is making children's dreams come true!

June 2007 - Disney Cruise!

Ty and his family set sail on a 5-day cruise aboard the Disney Wonder Ship.
One of their stops was Castaway Cay. The Flying Dutchman's Ship is in the background. It is an original prop from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
Everyone had a great time, especially Ty. Special thanks to the Make-a-Wish Foundation who granted this very special wish for Ty.

June 2007 - Dolphin Swim in Nassau

We also stopped in Nassau and Ty fulfilled the other part of his wish . . .
to swim with dolphins!


August 2007 - Our Family

We are truly blessed to be family!

September 2007 - Our New Addition

We have a new addition to our family. Her name is Jade and she is an 11-month
old german shepherd. We would like to thank Donnita Waters and Claws & Paws animal rescue in Buena Vista for giving her to us. She is truly a blessing to this
family. We love her so much!

October 2007 - Halloween

Do you recognize me? Ty and Robert ready for Halloween

October 2007 - Cottonmouth's Hockey Season

We waited all summer for Cottonmouth Hockey to start. Hers it Ty with one of the
game's BEST and most caring players Andrew Dwyer #55. Thank you Drew!

November 2007 - Beach Trip

Ty and Robert had fun during our "well-needed" trip to Panama City Beach.


December 2007 - Make a Wish Holiday Party with the Cottonmouths

Ty was special guest at a "Make A Wish" holiday party at the Columbus Cottonmouth's game on December 8. He was acknowledged and got to "drop the puck" to start the game! The fans and players just went nuts!

April 2008 - Atlanta Braves Game

Ty, Robert and Dad (Scott) enjoying the day at a Braves game.

March 2008 - Trip to Panama City

July 2008 - Trip to Michigan

Ty & Robert ready for a Jeep ride with Papa Bernie. Ty & Robert with cousins Jori, Kassidy and Miranda. Ty & Robert with Great Grandma Bebe.

July 2008 - Visit to Desoto Caverns in Alabama

August 2008 - Ty's Grandparents, Bernie & Marilyn Miller

October, 2008 - Atlanta Hawks

Courtesy of Starlight Childrens Foundation, we had tickets to the Atlanta Hawks open practice session. The Foundation helps seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities.
It was a great time!

December, 2008 - Starlight Christmas Party

Ty enjoying the annual Christmas party from Starlight Children's Foundation in Atlanta.

December, 2008 - Flight to Panama City

Family with Pilot Henry Rice
The boys with Larry Henry


Our dear friend Larry Henry organized a trip to Panama city for us in December.
Thanks to Harry and Sunday Rice for flying the boys and I down in his own personal plane with the "best co-pilot" he said he has ever had (Ty). At Panama City we stayed in a 3 bedroom condo thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Alexander and Aaron and Linda White.

February 2009

.Ty with Cottonmouth Andrew Dwyer, Ty's favorite and one of the most compassionate Cottonmouth's players.

March 2009 - Columbus Cottonmouths

Ty was surprised at school by some of the Columbus Cottonmouths. They gave him an autographed hockey jersey. The players were Andrew Dwyer, Craig Stahl, Tim Green, Lorne Misita, Will Barlow, Mat Ponto and Ryan Rutz. Ty was brought to tears! These guys are awesome! GO SNAKES!

March 2009 - The Song - "If You Know Ty"

The song that plays on the home page was written about Ty two years ago by
Jeff Pearson with the help of the youth at our church, First Presbyterian in Columbus. Jeff is the Director of Youth & Children's Ministry there. The young people who contributed to writing the song are Amelia Barton, Annie Garrard, Larry Henry, Whit Laney, Katie Mack, Kyle Moye and Carrie Ann Sharritt. It was recorded at The Loft in Columbus. The vocals are Jeff Pearson, Alan Giles, Katie Mack, Molly Simkins, and Alana Word.

March 2009 - Columbus Lions First Home Game

Ty tossed the game coin at the beginning of the Columbus Lions first home game and won the toss for the lions! Thanks to Coach Jason Gibson for making this happen and giving our family season tickets with awesome seats!


March 2009 - "A Stellar Night" Gala

The Starlight Children's Foundation sponsored "A Stellar Night" gala March 28,
where Ty "the hugger" was the honorable door greeter. Macy's presented our family
with an all-expense VIP trip to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC!!!
Come on Turkey Day, get here!!


May 2009 - Atlanta Thrashers Game

Thanks to Atlanta Thrasher Chris Thorburn and Starlight Children's Foundation for complimentary tickets to a game!

May 8, 2009 - Special Olympics

Ty's class competed in the Special Olympics on May 8, and Ty won 1st place in
the 50-yard dash, 2nd in the softball toss, and 3rd in the long jump in his group.
Who knew he could run so fast!

May 2009 - Ty and his favorite "Columbus Lady Lion" Ashley

May 28, 2009 - "Scooper Night"

"Scooper Night" Fundraiser at Bruster's in Phenix City. Thanks to Bruster's
and to the Auburn Heights Baptist Church Youth Group for organizing and
volunteering for the event.


May, 2009 - Panama City Beach
The Kyser / Wilkes family on the pirate boat at Panama City Beach.

July, 2009 - "Wild Animal Safari"


Ty, his brother Robert, and friend Charlie Hall enjoyed a day at Wild Animal Safari
in Pine Mountain.

October 22, 2009 - "Sniper Association Banquet"


Pictures from the Snipers Association Banquet held at the new Infantry Museumon October 22, 2009. Ty was filling in for Mark Rozycki, who is the President of the Association, and is currently in Kuwait. Ty was thrilled and honored to fill his shoes. Thanks Coach Mark and hurry home soon!

October 24, 2009 - "Northville Sports Den"


These photos were taken at Northville Sports Den in Northville, Michigan.
Thanks to a very special friend, Eric Gutman, for arranging this Fundraiser/Auction
for Ty. Over $2,200.00 was raised for Ty. Thank you Eric. You ROCK!!

November 2009 - See Video Montage of our trip to New York City

Click to view video >>

December 2009 - Starlight Christmas Party


Scenes from the Starlight Children's Foundation annual Christmas party.

February 2010 - Chick-fil-a "Spirit" Night

Ty's Spirit Night at the Phenix City Chik-fil-a given thrown by Holley Adams and Katie Renee Mitchell. A BIG thanks to all who helped and to Chik-fila.

February 2010 - Thrashers Game

The Thrashers hosted a night of unique experiences for Ty and us on Tuesday, February 2nd, during the Thrashers vs. Lightning game. We were treated to lower level tickets for the game and was a star for the night participating in the pre-game Penalty Box experience, an intermission broadcast booth visit and receiving a VIP seat visit by Thrash and our Blue Crew Girls. In addition, Eric Boulton, Marty Reasoner and Chris Thorburn hosted a post-game meet & greet to sign autographs and take pictures.

July 2010 - Orlando, Discovery Cove & Sea World

We had a blast on our trip to Discovery Cove and Sea World in Orlando. We want
to give a very special thank you to Peggy Parrish who is part of the Community Affairs team for putting this awesome trip together. We were treated like VIP's and cannot
thank her enough! We were treated to the parks and had our personal cabana with
a GREAT guide named June who took wonderful care of all our needs.

Click here to view Montage Video of our Trip >>

October 2010 - Random Photos of Fun!


December 2010


December 2010 - Our Family Photo


April 2011 - Ty and Papa Mike

Ty and his Papa Mike at a park in Atlanta with a handicap swing. Ty loved being
pushed in it.

April 2011 - Special Olympics

Ty participated in the Special Olympics on April 26. He took 1st in two events
and 3rd in another. The man with Ty is his Parapro (for the 3rd year in a row)
Eric Lindsey.


Ty with brother Robert                            Ty with his Mom

June, 2011 - Trip to Michigan

Our trip to visit family in Michgan in June...


July, 2011 - Trip to Destin

Photos from our family vacation to Destin and a BIG thank you to Christy Murphy and members of MyChurch in Columbus for providing this family trip and expenses.



September 2011 - Ty's Ipad

A BIG thank you to the wonderful and gracious family, who prefer to remain
anonymous, for buying Ty his very own Ipad. This has brought him so much
enjoyment. Thanks also to Wes Weaver for purchasing and replacing the carpet
in Robert's room from "Ty Flood 2011."

October / November 2011

February 2012 - A day at the Montgomery Zoo


April 2012

Ty with his buddy Ashley "just chillin."


Ty with Will Barrow (a Columbus Cottonmouth) and the championship trophy
they won this year.

Special Olympics - Pictured with Ms. Heather (1) who helped him to win the ribbons.


May 2012

Ty's with his class at Veterans Middle School. His classmates had made banners for him and all sang "Happy Birthday" as we drove up in the morning. It was a great beginning to his 16th birthday!


July 2012


We traveled to Michigan in July to see Ty's grandparents. Ty enjoyed floating
down the Manistee River in Michigan.

October 2012

Ty is REALLY enjoying his freshman year @ Northside.He gets very excited & anxious about getting there each morning. He has a great time & is well cared for by all.



March 2013 - St. Patrick's Day

May 2013 - Ty's Birthday

June 2013

Ty as The Tinman.
His class performed The Wizard of Oz at the end of the school year.

June 2013

A letter Robert, Ty's 9 yr old "Little -BIG brother", wrote in school this year.  

When I grow up I want to be a scientist. The reason being is that I don't want
people to suffer like my brother. I'd find cures for diseases. So, that's what
I want to be when I grow up.
- Robert

September 2013 - Duck Dynasty Day

Ty is enjoying the school year. I am sure it has to do with having the same great teacher Libby Campos and his Para-pro Giovy. He has a ton of fun and looks forward to going every day! Praise GOD!! The 2 pictures are from Homecoming week at Northside High School. One of the weekday themes was “Duck Dynasty” and Ty loves to dress up!

September 2013 - Team Hope Walk

Ty, me (Amy), and his favorite teacher Libby Campos participated in the Team Hope Walk on September 21, to raise money for Huntington's Society of America.
The three of us raised over $1000. People can still donate $ to our team until December using the following link http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/amykyser/thw_atlanta.

September 2013 - Ty having fun

February 2014 - We Have a Van!

Now I can officially say I know what it feels like for an actor once they receive their Academy award LOL..
First we would like to thank GOD for allowing this to happen. Without him this
   would not have been possible. We would like to give personal shout outs for
   certain individuals who went above and beyond what anyone could ask for...
Personal friend Eric Runci ~ you are such a blessing to us and we consider you
   a part of our family and will cherish our relationship forever, you give unselfishly
   and respect nothing in return.
Personal friend Andrew Kloster ~ thank you for everything you are and what
   you do. God will reward you greatly!
Ty's teacher Libby Campos ~you know you have won all of our hearts with your
    selfless love . Thank you for everything ♥.
Thank you to Dr Jack Sherrer along with the board members of his foundation    PedalingForKids.org. Everyone please help support their wonderful organization.
   They contributed 50% to our cause without hesitation.
Thank you to a new BFF Chana Mott , I am so blessed that our paths have crossed.
    I look forward to watching our friendship bloom.
We want to also thank a countless number of friends, family members and
   complete strangers for contributing and sharing our story. Now it is time to
   pay it forward ♥ - See more at:  www.youcaring.com.



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Video Montage of Trip to New York City