June 27, 2013

Ty was discharged on Monday, June 24, after spending 5 days at the Hospice House for an Ileus and projectile vomiting. The ileus has resolved and Ty is once again
tolerating his feedings.

The pictures are from his hospital stay. As you can see laughter is the best medicine! His teacher Libby Campos kept the stay heavy in laughter. Ty was The Tinman in his class performance of "The Wizard of Oz" at the end of the school year. That is why his teacher came dressed as Dorothy one of the days.


September 1, 2012

Ty is enjoying an awesome year as a freshman at Northside High School in Columbus. He loves his new class and new teacher Libby Campos, and absolutely adores his new parapro, Giovi.

May 7, 2012

As Ty continues to endure the symptoms of JHD, he manages to make it easier on those around him with his pleasant smile, warm laughter and loving hugs. If you have never met him, you have not truly appreciated life. He is looking forward to attending high school in the Fall and is enjoying the comfort of his new wheelchair.

November 20, 2011

Ty continues to touch so many new and old friends with his smile and passion for life, and, of course, his ((((HUGS)))). He is enjoying playing his IPAD, going to school and laughing at his brother.

August 4 , 2011

Ty is doing much better!  He is anxious for school to start.

July 14, 2011

Ty has had a rough last two weeks. He was hospitalized for 4 days for dehydration.
He has lost 18 lbs. He has had 3 bouts of projectile vomiting. Even after all he has endured, his spirits are SO great. He laughs at beating me in UNO and the silly things his brother does. He is gaining his strength back but it may not be what is was a month ago. What an inspiration!

January 18, 2011

Ty has gained 11 lbs since the end of November (we now add Carnation to his meals), He has a grin a BIG as the sky when he steps on the scale. Never did I think he would ever make it past 100 lbs in his lifetime.
November 4 , 2010

Ty's spirits are still VERY good, but he now has to use a wheelchair unless it is
a very short distance.

April 12 , 2010

On April 2, we went to Ty's Doctors in Birmingham. Ty received more Botox injections from which he did awesome! We also met with Ty's Huntington's doctor who felt
that it is time for us to introduce hospice servies to our family. Upon the return from
our vacation, we will welcome them into our home on April 12.


January 12 , 2010

Ty had more Botox injections last Friday and they worked! He now can close his mouth and flash that beautiful smile once again! Never underestimate the POWER of God!


October 9, 2009

Ty had his bi-annual appointment at Children's Hospital in Birmingham on October 1. He has been diagnosed with oromandibular dystonia. Many of you who have seen him recently have noticed that Ty cannot close his mouth and his tongue is always out. He will have botox injections into his jaw muscles within the next few weeks. Please pray that this procedure will give him some relief. Thanks! Amy
March 9, 2009

As it is getting harder for Ty to swallow, the time has come for a feeding tube. His surgery is scheduled for March 31, at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.
We will be there for 2-3 days.

April 13, 2009

  Ty giving a "thumbs up" after his surgery.

Ty had his surgery on a Tuesday, and we returned home from Children's Hospital in Birmingham on Friday night. He is doing well and was so brave through it all in the
hospital. The had to try 4 times to get his blood and he didnt complain once! We are
so proud of him.

April 16, 2009

Ty has gained 9 pounds since his g-tube placement on 3/30. We are so EXCITED!!!!

June 5 , 2009

Ty has gained 10 lbs since his surgery, has grown 1 1/2 inches taller, and has regained the strength to drink out of a straw (something he could no longer do before his surgery) . . . Can I get a PRAISE GOD!!!!!!?

December 26 , 2009

We will be returning to UAB on January 8th for more injections. Hopefully, this will bring the relief we so prayed for the first time around.



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